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The Low Down

New to the press on game?

Scroll down to see all you need to know about becoming a press on queen!


Are Play Grnd Press Ons the same as Drug Store Press Ons?

Nope!  Play Grnd Press Ons are what's known as luxury press ons.  Every set is hand-painted to order using all gel products (the exact products you'd see used in a high end salon) vs drug store press ons that are typically mass produced and use cheap plastic nail tips.  My press ons are durable and can be saved and re-worn up to 5+ times!  Each set is customized and hand painted to order, giving you the same look and feel of a salon mani in a fraction of the time!

Will press ons damage my natural nails?

Nope! This is just another reason I love press ons so much, as long as you remove them by soak off (don't rip them off!) your natural nails will not get damaged.  Press ons have actually helped myself and countless of my customers get back our healthy natural nails.

Will my press ons look like press ons? IYKYK

Nope! This is why I stress ordering a size kit before your first order with me, a size kit ensures the absolute perfect fit for your future sets so that they look as seamless and natural as possible!  You can grab a sizing kit HERE.

A few more common questions

  • How do I apply Play Grnd Press Ons?
    Every nail order comes with application and removal instructions on the back of your nail card. Application is quick and easy (your order comes with an application kit containing everything you need!)
  • How long does it take to complete an order?
    Each set is custom made once ordered, this means I hand paint each order after its placed using your sizing, etc. If you select a pre-design or solid color set design from my shop please allow 1 week from date of order to complete your set and get it shipped out. I ship via USPS so shipping times may vary based on your location, etc. If you select a custom set please allow 1 - 2 weeks to complete the set, this may vary based on your ability to communicate the elements you'd like to see included, etc.
  • How do I figure out my sizes?
    The best way to get that perfect fit for your set is to order a sizing kit HERE (I offer bare sizing kits as well as solid color sizing kit sets that act as both a size kit and solid color nail set!) You can go the route of manually measuring your nails using the guide provided HERE, however this does leave a wider chance for error
  • What's included in my order of nails?
    I include an application kit with every set. This contains a nail file, cuticle pusher, buffing block, alcohol wipes, nail glue, and adhesive tabs for a more temporary application. Every nail order also comes with a custom Play Grnd sticker sheet!
  • How long do Play Grnd press ons last per wear?
    With proper nail prep, application and care, Play Grnd Press Ons can last up to 2-3 weeks per application with liquid glue (included with your purchase). If you are looking for short-term wear (such as for a weekend or an event), Play Grnd Press Ons can last 1-2 days with the adhesive tabs (also included with your purchase). Please note: with proper care and removal, Play Grnd Press Ons are reusable up to 5x!
  • Do you offer nail closets? (storage cases for my press on collection)
    Yes! I offer a free hard shell storage case with all orders of 3 or more sets. Each case includes multiple rows of adhesive strips so you can easily store your sets for multiple wears!
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