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My Story

Hi there!  My name is Rachel and I'm the artist behind Play Grnd Nails.  I've been in the press on game since 2021 (thanks to an insane year that helped me discover this passion!) I'm a graphic designer specializing in branding and web design by trade (check out my graphic design studio HERE) and love translating graphic design elements into badass hand painted nail art.

How it all started.

Nails have always been a big part of my identity and self-expression, so when the pandemic hit and I had to face losing that piece of normalcy I set out to learn how to do my own nails. I started with dip powder but I hated how it destroyed my natural nails, then I played around with creating my own nail decals which were fun but didn't get me the full painted nail art look I wanted. Finally, I stumbled upon gel nail tips and started playing with creating my own press-ons and instantly got hooked. Not only did I get back the length and perfect shape I loved, but my natural nails have never been healthier.


In 2022 I became a mom and after going through a bit of a whirlwind shift in identity press on nails helped me reconnect with myself once again. It seems like such a silly concept but being able to have nice nails and a way to showcase my style and identity means so much as I navigate this new identity of mine (not to mention the fact that I have like zero minutes to spend at a nail salon!) Getting into the press-on game has become such an incredible creative outlet and a great way for me to share killer nail art with the world.

Bringing badass nails to all.

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