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Wanna live that minimal life but not sure which shade gives you that perfect nudge match, grab a shade finder kit and slip into something a little more comfortable . . .

What's Your Size?

Want that flawless fit?  Grab a size kit to skip the measuring at home and ensure the perfect sizing right from the start!

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You're unique, you're special, you're a MF'n trend setter.  Choose your level of art and grab a custom set, the sky's the limit bb!

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Press On Nails

Ready to order some press ons, check out my collection of ready to order designs, custom sets, and all the essentials you'll need for that perfect press on experience.


"Rachel has curated a the whole beautiful experience around the ordering & care process and it is fabulous! When I received the kit with the custom set of press on nails, I was blown away. I can’t get enough of how pretty the set of press on nails are. They are delicately painted yet strong and durable. They are very easy to apply. I use the adhesive stickers to put them on. And because they are made so well with great quality and care, I have been using the set multiple times. I have a ton of sensitivities to chemicals and gel nails are not an option for me because of that. Press on nails are a perfect solution for me and my allergies. I can’t wait to order my next sets of nails from Rachel."


"Why do I love PlayGrndNails??1. No matter how ridiculous the design request or concept I come up with, Rachel makes it happen and amazing!2. The quality of these nails is unreal… zero chipping or bending ever.3. So. Many. Compliments. On. My. Nails.4. They’re reusable (she says 5 times!!) making the cost per wear very low5. My nails are much healthier than when I wear acrylic6. I get to choose how often I change my design7. Rachel is always open to bounce ideas on how to perfectly customize my next wild idea!"


"I'm thrilled with my custom press on gel nail set! It's exactly what I had in mind. Rachel was amazing in helping me choose the design and color for my first set. I already have a few sets and can't wait to order more!"


"Play Grnd Nails made me the most awesome pair of Burberry plaid inspired nails! They were sized perfectly (I gave tiny finger nails, and most nails are too large for me). Super, duper easy to apply as well! I just love them!!!"


"Rachel has rad taste and is an amazing designer. When she posts nail design inspo on IG, I have to talk myself out of ordering every design because they’re so on trend and fun. I also love that I can make special design requests and she enjoys the opportunity to try something new, so my nails always feel super fresh. Sets come in a timely manner and are durable and reusable. (I’ve had some sets for over six months!) Last, I LOVE that she’ll make replacement nails in case you lose one like I did at the Austin Film Festival last year. So happy I didn’t have to trash my fave set! She’s the best!! 🖤"


"I’ve ordered from Rachel a few times, she’s accommodating and professional. She does a great job at making custom designs or you can choose from her own designs. She is a talented artist and is a pleasure to work with! The last set I got lasted about a week and half which for me was a long time. Hit up Rachel and you won’t be disappointed!"

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